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Patient: Patricia (4th Pregnancy)- picture w/ daughters

I am very satisfied with the two c-sections Dr. Beharie has done for me. I had a bad experience with my first c-section with another doctor. I had a miscarriage in between the two c-sections that he did. Dr.Beharie was very caring and made me feel secure that I could get pregnant again. The reason I come back to him is because he does a great job, he is a good doctor and always makes me happy to see him. I recommend him to all my friends and family and they come to see him and are grateful to me for recommending him. I am very grateful for everything he has done to help me have two healthy daughters. I'm pregnant again and I feel safe to know that he will help me have another healthy baby.

Patient: Griselda (Triplets)- picture w/babies

I started going with Dr. Beharie because my sister recommended him. She said that he would help me because I was expecting triplets. Dr. Beharie was always very helpful and was always there for me. He answered all my questions and concerns I had about delivering triplets. I remember when he had to send me to the hospital when my husband wasn't there and Dr. Beharie personally drove me to the hospital. What doctor does that for his patients?? He took me and went to visit me at the hospital. I delivered my three beautiful healthy girls by c-section and the wound is perfect almost invisible, no ones believes I had a c-section. I have recommended my friends and now my sister is pregnant and is seeing Dr. Beharie. All the staff has always been very nice to me during all my visits and I am grateful to everyone there in Citrus Ob/GYN.

Patient: Rosie - picture

I feel very comfortable with Dr Beharie. He is a very good doctor and I recommend him to all my friends. I will continue coming to him in all my pregnancies, he is always in a good mood and answers all my questions. He always makes me feel secure and safe. He cares for all his patients. I was in Mexico and I came back to California because I want him to deliver my baby again. I wouldn't change doctor ever...

Patient: Elia

Dr. Beharie is the Best OBGYN he deliver my daughter last year, very professional and he always answers all my questions. The West Covina office is very organized from the office manager Rosie, front desk, nurses and Daisy the counselor. I would recommend this doctor to all my friends and family!!

Patient: Amanda

I delivered 7/31/11 by c-section and this was my second pregnancy with Dr. Beharie. I decided to return to him with the second pregnancy because of the high quality and professionalism of Dr Beharie. My first baby is two yrs old and I feel very lucky to have a wonderful doctor and feel very grateful for everything that he has done to help me have two healthy babies.

Patient: Alejandra

I walked in the clinic for the first time about 5 yrs ago with my second pregnancy. When I was seen by Dr. Beharie for the first time, I felt very comfortable. After three years I came back for another pregnancy and was very happy that he was still here. My sister and best friend have now been seeing Dr. Beharie and have been as happy as I am with his service. Donna has been very helpful too and all the staff is always very nice and professional. I like all the services they provide for me and I feel that the doctor is always there for me.

Patient: Odila

I'm going through my fourth pregnancy with Dr. Beharie and my sister has also been his patient. We are very happy with him because he is a good doctor and I wouldn't change doctor ever... He was very helpful during the loss of my last baby and I know in my heart that he did everything he could to save my baby but only God knows why he took her. I'm pregnant again and I came back to see him. He makes me feel safe and makes me feel secure that this will be a healthy baby. I am very grateful for everything he has done for me in the past and I'm confident that he will do the same and take good care of me and this baby that's on it's way.

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